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In 2016 COPPERSTONE launched its very own charity initiative, the TALK Initiative, promoting Tolerance, Appreciation, Literacy and Kindness to children and the youth in disadvantaged communities.

Most parents want to raise children who are appreciative of what they have, are responsible for their behaviour, have a healthy perspective on material possessions, and are generous, kind and tolerant of others.   Nowadays, bringing up children who feel grateful for – rather than entitled to – what they have, is a challenge.

We want the next generation to be happy and to achieve greatness. But that is much easier said than done. With good intentions we help them by setting goals such as getting an education, finding a good job and excelling in all they do, but we neglect the process of how those things are accomplished. These are not simple tasks, and the necessary values and skill sets for achieving them must be developed. Tolerance, appreciation, literacy and kindness represent some of the core values, attitudes and skills you need in order to excel at anything.

Although Tolerance, Appreciation and Kindness are all “chosen” attitudes and needs to be nurtured and developed, literacy, however, is the key to success. With tremendous technological advances in recent years, people are surrounded by “the printed word” everywhere they turn. Email, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and texting necessitate strong literacy skills as more and more technologies requiring reading are infused into the workplace. The student that struggles throughout school in developing literacy skills will continue to struggle in their adult life, creating harsh implications for career options.

It’s become quite clear that modern education ought to encompass more than just academics, and that matters of the heart must be taken seriously and set values and attitudes like Tolerance, Appreciation and Kindness needs to be nurtured as a matter of priority.